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Unlock the healing wisdom of your body.

Do you want to release the shame and self-judgement impacting your life and relationships and holding you back from living the rich and meaningful life you desire?


Are you aching to feel fully alive, empowered and tapped into your unapologetic self-expression?


Are you ready to step into your next level of embodiment and know yourself as divine love?


I invite you to join me for THE ACTIVATION BUNDLE

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WHAT's included



This 1-on-1 Source Body Session (1 hour) will help you clarify your desires for your next life chapter and shine a loving light on resistance you may hold in receiving those desires. Through gentle meditation techniques I will guide you into connection with the source wisdom of your body and allow for deep truths and answers to surface. 


This Hands of the Beloved guided meditation is a gentle and sacred ceremonial journey to bring you back into reverence and appreciation of your physical body. It will attune your subtle awareness to your felt sensations, and connect you to the Divine Beloved within. Through this practice of tender loving acceptance and healing touch, your heart will soften, and you will be able to hear the messages of your body with greater acuity.

*this guided meditation is in video format and you will receive the link when you book your session bundle.

You have all the answers inside you. I simply help you get quiet enough to hear the whispers of your own heart. 




You can expect to feel deeply while being held in a space of unconditional acceptance and love. The sacred container created in these sessions often allows for deeper felt sense awareness, emotional release,  and increased intuitive knowing. Regularly, people who have experienced a session feel lighter, liberated, at peace, and with a new level of appreciation and reverence for their body. They are surprised at how much they already knew and many have reported that one Source Body session resolved issues they had been talking to their therapist about for years.  Through trauma-informed somatic awareness, my Awakened Heart Approach, and embodied emotional acceptance, we will come into new pathways of peace and source the next supportive steps for you to take on the road to the full manifestation of your desires. The resistance you are holding onto may be impacting your life in more ways than you consciously realize, and this journey together can be a life-changing experience.

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Come home to your body
and remember Who You Really Are

This is for you if...


  • You’re hanging on to fear or shame about your body and want to feel a loving reverence and deep connection to her instead.

  • You are ready to release patterns of self-abandonment so you can access your pleasure without feeling guilty.

  • You feel stuck, small - like you’re going through the motions. You are surviving but you’re ready to be thriving and expand into so much more.

  • You feel bad about showing up tight, crabby, frustrated and overly critical of yourself and others.

  • You want to stop repeating outdated patterns of feeling needy, insecure and chasing for the next hit of external validation.

  • You feel trapped in a cycle of people-pleasing and constantly feel like you are passing up your own needs and desires.

If any of these strike a chord within you, book your session below!


Imagine dissolving the blocks holding you back from everything you want.


Imagine the floodgates opening and seeing all those delicious desires rush into your life with exhilaration, grateful acceptance and full ownership sourced in joy.


Feel the sense of fulfillment and aliveness in your body. See it spilling out into your whole life, all of your relationships, enhancing and uplifting everyone around you. 


YOU, radiant, juicy, vibrant, in love with life. Fully present in your relationships, as a lover, parent, boss, co-worker or partner. 

YOU, turned on, tapped into your full expansive potential without fear or shame.

YOU, fully alive.


Imagine what is possible when the blocks are cleared and you are free to live fully.

Benefits and Results


  • Cultivate a loving camaraderie with your body–  access deep knowing and intuitive guidance from within. Like you’ve got your BFF with you at all times.

  • Anchor into your innate worthiness and unshakeable confidence. Know calm within the chaos.

  • Sense lightness, peace and grace within your body and feel your mind/body/spirit as one.

  • Liberate energy flow to your whole body, and receive a more expansive range of felt sensations for feeling fully alive.

  • Release old patterns of anger, resentment, shame, blame, and unworthiness.

  • Soothe your nervous system back into your naturally aligned creative flow state.

  • Source a grounded and centered presence – to allow for deeper connections in your relationships, more openness in your heart and a greater capacity for  intimacy.

  • Empower your sense of sacred ownership of your body, your emotions, and the wisdom within you. Know yourself as Source.

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Laura truly has a special gift. Even in just a few sessions, working with her completely blew up my life! She helped me tap into my feminine power and release a hidden confidence I didn't yet know existed in me; not just in dance and movement, but in every aspect of my life and in harnessing my personal power as a woman. Her wisdom in somatic intuition and all things feminine is profound and would recommend her coaching to any friend of mine.” 




During the program I learned to reconnect and listen to my body in a way that I hadn't done before. You helped me acknowledge and confront the crushing pressure on my throat and rediscover my voice. Your guidance to help me overcome the physical sensations, pressures and illnesses allowed me to heal spiritually and I felt physically lighter, stronger and healthier for it. I was able to let go of things that had been weighing me down for years.”


Laura is a truly uniquely gifted teacher– what she sees, how she holds space, and what she can conjure up - PURE MAGIC."


I have experienced profound healing in every session with Laura. I could not have asked for a better coach, guide, support and a healer in my life!! I cannot even begin to describe how amazing Laura is in holding space for you. Laura has a gift for this work and she is invested in serving the world. I have never met a person who puts me at so much ease and holds no judgement of me whatsoever. Sometimes I just wonder what my life would have been if I had started this work with Laura sooner."


This woman. She is gifted. I knew from the moment I was in her presence that she was connected to the Divine. This is apparent in her vast intuitive and artistic abilities, her soulful and inspiring dancing, her teaching expertise, her character, her big heart and the way she lives by example…she’s a deeply inquisitive and curious practitioner. Her supportive spirit and innate clarity make the coaching journey surmountable and fun. She walks a path of light, truth and love. I believe you will be a much better version of yourself for having worked with her. Pure magic!"



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I created this Activation Session as a gentle rite of remembrance into the deep wisdom of your body, and a soulful recognition of your body’s service in aligning you with the most fulfilling and magical version of You. This offering is a first step on the pathway to expanding into your full potential with ease and grace instead of hardship or struggle.


Magnificent Soul, it’s time to remember Who You Really Are!


If you’re ready for your next level of embodiment, this is your moment.


The world longs for your Magic.

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