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Hi, I'm Laura!

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As a culture that glorifies personal development we love to wax poetical about living better lives, but what we often gloss over is what I feel is so essential to lasting happiness. Radical acceptance. Truly integrating ALL aspects of our being into wholeness, not just the pretty bits.


I believe that every part of you needs a safe space to be explored, expressed, and celebrated. It allows the judgement to cease, the love to flow in, and true healing to occur. You rediscover the sacred power within you by meeting yourself with Love.

I want all women to feel fully in their power. But, what I find is that women are terrified of their own bodies, afraid of their voice and living in a state of disempowerment. I sure was. It took me well into my 30's to begin a new relationship of appreciation with my body, and not until my 40's did I begin to find the power of my authentic voice.


There is a depth and an unshakable confidence that comes from owning and celebrating your deepest truth. I believe it to be the key to live your life with radiance from the inside out.



The two things I loved most as a kid were dancing in my underwear and creating magical spaces out in nature for mystical creature-friends. Little did I know this was actually priming me for my soul's work– teaching embodied feminine movement and holding sacred space for magical coaching clients. Ha! I wish I knew how on target I was right from the get-go. Instead, I took the scenic route getting here by studying biology and chemistry in college, then attending design school, and working in the graphic design scene in New York City for a decade and a half. 

Somewhere along the line I made the realization that I wasn't really happy. My body was dying from sitting at a desk all day and my soul song was pretty weak. A friend suggested an energy healer, which at the time seemed super woo-woo to me, but I went and that changed the course of my life forever. The healing was beautiful, but more than that this woman turned me on to S Factor, Mama Gena, and many other avenues of feminine empowerment.

I devoured my sensual movement classes and made life-long girlfriends within that space. I transformed. The super-shy, always reserved, shut down me was left in the locker room as the bold, badass, sexy AF, unapologetic me danced wildly and with more freedom and bliss than I knew was possible. And soon, I became a teacher. 

I taught feminine movement for a year before my son was born, and I attribute my newfound body trust to choosing to birth him at home. Motherhood brought with it a new level of power and a new level of challenges. I grew more than I thought I could. My husband and I moved back to Texas. When I turned 40, my daughter was born. My midwife called me a unicorn. It really was magical. But soon being a mom of two became a dance of beauty and overwhelm. 

As my kiddos grew into toddler-hood, I embarked on a deep spiritual awakening and legit crisis of identity. I felt there was more Me to offer the world, but I was so lost in knowing how to bring her out of hiding. It was an epic dissolution of everything I knew. So many areas were up for rediscovery. So many hard conversations were finally had after years of avoidance. Most of my life crumbled into ash. Relationships dissolved and transformed. It allowed for new growth to take root, even though the growing pains were unbearable at times, there was always a way to tap into the love available and the belief in my gut that everything really was going to be okay. Gifts came out of the wounded places. Daily moments became more precious. Feelings became more real.

I began meeting so many women who were in similar stages of their lives, feeling the same sense of wanting more but not knowing how to prioritize their own self love. I began coaching these women, helping guide them back to themselves. The transformation was so beautiful to witness and the work so rewarding that I desired to go deeper. I enrolled in Layla Martin's VITA Sex, Love, & Relationships coaching certification program, and now I am living in the practice of choosing love, creating my most magical life, and helping other women do the same. 

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