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S Factor is a feminine movement class designed to help you explore the depths of your feminine heart.


Expand your emotional fluidity, claim your sensual sovereignty, and fuel your soul's authentic embodied expression. 

Come celebrate in sacred sisterhood as you unfold into the magnificence of who you really are. 

Own your wildness,
express your emotions,
access every part of you… unapologetically.

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This class is gathering of amazing women (just like you!) who are ready to feel free in their body, reclaim their joy, and play in the fullness of life.


It is for the woman craving MORE.

More FUN, more play, more romance, more adventure.

This is for the woman who wants to let go of self-judgement and feel free in the truth of who she is.

More magic in her body. More juiciness in her life. More freedom in her emotional fluidity. More confidence in her sensuality. More pleasure, more confidence, more depth. She wants to FEEL and KNOW her divine expression and be celebrated for it.


It is for the woman desiring to feel the power of her own embodied presence.


She’s done with dimming her light to make other people feel comfortable. She’s ready to expand into the fullest expression of her soul’s Truth.

She’s READY to feel irresistibly magnetic to her desires. She wants to open into the depths of her realness. She wants to feel more. Evoke more. Embody the feminine fullness of her being. Inhabit her body with confidence. Unleash her wild expressive side without apology. Soften into her feminine heart while feeling supported and celebrated.

This is for you if…


  • You want to feel true empowerment and self-love

  • You sometimes think you might be broken or unable to feel confident or sexy in your body

  • You want to come back to yourself, feeling centered and grounded in who you are

  • You want to learn to better hold yourself in ALL your full-spectrum emotions

  • You feel stuck, small - like you’re going through the motions. You are surviving but you’re ready to be thriving and expand into so much more


  • Deeper connection w/ your body

  • More confidence

  • More awareness of sensations in your body

  • Less self-judgment and self-criticism

  • Tuning into your inner wisdom + intuition

  • Soothing your nervous system

  • Decreasing anxiety

  • Healing shame around sensuality and sexuality

  • Enhanced intimacy in your relationships

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Hi, I’m Laura!

I know first hand what it's like to struggle with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and disconnection from my body. I didn't think I could be sexy or desirable. I thought I was broken. I was awkward, ashamed, tense in my body, scared, small, and depleted all the time. I felt like I was "Too Much" and did everything I could to numb out my feelings so I could morph into society's standards of "what's acceptable."


I exhausted myself with people-pleasing, perfectionism and a constant stream of internal criticism and self-doubt. And even though I was playing by society's rules of Who I Should Be, I had no idea who I WAS. On the surface, my life looked fine, but I inside I felt empty. I knew there had to be more.

I found a new pathway into healing. And so can you, Love.

So, what was the shift?



Once I found S Factor, my body became the bridge. My pleasure became my medicine. My emotional acceptance became my redemption. I found a holy temple within myself, and I shifted into LIFE– into fullness, into radiance, into freedom, into sovereignty, into the joyful expression of my entire being.


I came to know that Sacred Sisterhood was possible. I didn't have to compete anymore. For the first time I felt safe and fully seen by other women. My fellow Sisters became my mirror, my unconditional support, and my "Too Much" was celebrated. This blew my mind!

Movement became a way to return to the Truth of myself. I stopped rejecting the parts of me I thought were wild or messy and I started to see them as sacred expressions of the Goddess. I started having FUN again. 


I learned that the feminine body was a source of great power, wisdom and depth beyond measure. I finally got out of my head and actually felt pleasure flowing through my body.

I want this for you too, Love.

I want you to know your divine magic so intimately that you never doubt yourself again. I want you to LIVE fully– big, bold, unleashed, and in love with the phenomenal woman you truly are!

You can have this. It is yours to claim.

It's why I've created this gathering. To give back the gift I received that has been the cornerstone of my transformation.

I'm so grateful and honored you are here, and I can't wait to move with you. You are so worthy of knowing the true depth of your power.

With deep appreciation,



The flow of the class:

After a brief welcome, we will flow into a 30 minute warm up (stretching, breathing, connecting to the body), then we’ll dive into a 50 minute movement practice - I will lead you through S Factor's signature approach to evoke new ways of finding freedom and flow inside your body. The last 10 minutes we will have a closing meditation.


What to expect:

Prepare to fall so madly in love with yourself that you open, soften, and trust yourself more than ever before. You will be guided through the movement and find your own intuitive flow. There’s no right or wrong way — you will discover what feels good in your body, and access your true inner feminine. You will get out of your head and into your body. 

Music for the soul:
We will play with an emotional range of every kind of music, including some with explicit lyrics. We are playing with every aspect of your expression and trying on new sounds, new ways of moving to discover what feels good in your body. There is no right or wrong way to move. There is only what feels good and what doesn’t.

A WOMAN's life is her art. Her body is her temple. Her movement is her medicine. She sources her power from within and boldly devotes herself to liberation, because she knows her body is the bridge for her unique Magic. And she knows her magic heals the world. 


I feel super awkward in my body and I don’t know how to dance. Is this for me?

YES! Absolutely. This movement practice is all about reconnecting to the felt sensations of your body and following what feels good. It’s about connecting to your intuitive flow and learning how to trust your body’s lead. It’s also about accepting every expression of you as divine. Your awkwardness, your darkness, your fear, your badassery, your innocence, your joy… All of it. It is  a completely new way of being in your body and generously lavishing yourself in loving kindness.


What do I wear?

Wear what makes  you feel comfortable, confident, sexy and divine. Feel into what your body likes. Yoga attire, leggings, a stretchy soft sweater, hoodie, kimono…? Get curious and see what tickles your fancy. *There is no nudity in class, so please be sure to wear a full coverage opaque bra and panties.*

Can I sign up for a private session with you?

Yes! Shoot us an email at and we'll send you info about 1-on-1 opportunities for feminine movement and somatic healing work.

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Laura is a truly uniquely gifted teacher–

what she sees, how she holds space, and what she can conjure up - PURE MAGIC."

-Shannon Young, Major Gift Officer

“Working with Laura has been one of the most profoundly insightful journeys in my life. I had been in therapy for years, and was familiar with the “why” behind my issues and behaviors, but Laura really touched at the heart of what was going on under the surface. From guided meditations, to beautifully intense exercises in communicating with my inner child, I now have a path to healing my past traumas. Laura helped me to understand my reactions to my triggers and develop ways to heal and re-wire my brain. Anyone considering working with her, DO IT! It will change your life for the better.”


-Allie U., Designer

Laura truly has a special gift. Even in just a few sessions, working with her completely blew up my life! She helped me tap into my feminine power and release a hidden confidence I didn't yet know existed in me; not just in dance and movement, but in every aspect of my life and in harnessing my personal power as a woman. Her wisdom in somatic intuition and all things feminine is profound and would recommend her coaching to any friend of mine.” 

– Hannah B., Artist & Educator

This woman. She is gifted. I knew from the moment I was in her presence that she was connected to the Divine. This is apparent in her vast intuitive and artistic abilities, her soulful and inspiring dancing, her teaching expertise, her character, her big heart and the way she lives by example…she’s a deeply inquisitive and curious practitioner. Her supportive spirit and innate clarity make the coaching journey surmountable and fun. She walks a path of light, truth and love. I believe you will be a much better version of yourself for having worked with her. Pure magic!"

–Erin P., Healer & Soul Coach


I offer ATX local in-person group classes, as well as virtual online group classes you can join from anywhere in the world. Private instruction and bodywhispering sessions are available as well.  


COME INTO communion with your whole self, move magic through your body & be celebrated in sacred sisterhood.

you deserve to feel deliciously divine in your body

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