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I help women feel safe to thrive in their power.

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You are not crazy for wanting more.

You were made for more. A life true to you. Without the pleasing and placating. A life of power, purpose, magic and beauty. 

If you are waking up wondering what you've been doing with your life, feeling like it's too late to have the dreams you desire– I am here for you.


It can be a steep climb. You’ll need a guide. And that’s where I step in. Because witnessing you fully recognizing your greatness? That is my deepest joy and highest honor. I live for it. It's what I was made for. Let me guide you home to the most extraordinary life you can imagine.

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Feel safe to thrive in your power. Come back home into your most authentic expression, rise to your calling, and share your magic with the world.

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Laura truly has a special gift.

Even in just a few sessions, working with her completely blew up my life! She helped me tap into my feminine power and release a hidden confidence I didn't yet know existed in me; not just in dance and movement, but in every aspect of my life and in harnessing my personal power as a woman. Her wisdom in somatic intuition and all things feminine is profound and would recommend her coaching to any friend of mine.” 

– Hannah Bludworth, Artist & Educator


How I work







Let's dive deep into your unique desires, and shine a light on what's holding you back from making them your reality.

We'll create a loving relationship with your body's inner wisdom so you can source into your core truth, get the answers you need, and move forward without shame or apology.

Put it into practice. Consistently choosing love. Showing up for your life feeling worthy, purposeful and safe to thrive in your power. 

Hi, I'm Laura!


Also, big time science nerd, esoteric literature fanatic, and relentless optimist who laugh-snorts liberally.

I spent most of my life quietly playing by the rules, staying small, following what others expected of me and completely ignoring my own inner impulses to create the life I dreamt of. At 40 I woke up to the painful truth that my life didn't fit me anymore and everything needed to change. Heartbreak, divorce, debt, and career shifts while raising two kiddos catapulted me on an epic spiritual journey where I dove into energy healing, meditative practices, sensual dance, tantra, and a deep devotion to the Divine Feminine Mystery. As I began to realize my own inner divinity, healing patterns of shame and unworthiness, I learned about the ecstasy available to us all when we take ownership of our sovereignty and open our hearts fully into Love. 

These teachings changed my life and I'm here now to share what I know with women around the world so we can free ourselves and light up the planet.

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